Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blow Drying Tips and Voluminous Waves

First thing you need to know about drying is that product is SO important and plays a huge role in what your end result will look like! For this look I wanted volume! I will have a post later in the week to tell you all about my favorite products and what to use them for! 
To get volume 
1. I started off with towel dried hair
2. Next I used GUTS from Redken. You want to spray guts or any volumizer to the base of your hair! Really focus on the crown of your head because that's where you want the most volume. 
3. Once it is distributed you want to give it a good scrub using the tips of your fingers. I will even bring it down through the ends of my hair to give it some texture.
4. I part on the left side of my head, so when blow drying, to get the maximum amount of volume you want to over direct  all your hair to the OPPOSITE side of your part. You want to do this to both sides. Focusing on the base of your hair and not so much on the ends. You can dry those later (*note* a blow dry nozzle is sooo important! Not only does it direct the air flow but it helps to keep the cuticle of your hair smooth. USE THEM) 
5. You are going to do the same thing to the back by over directing it to the front. Make sure the nozzle of the blow dryer it's pointing forward! 
6. Go upside down and continue the steps! Just remember to keep the blow dryer pointing down! If you point it up your cuticle will be a hot mess! 
Go right side up and finish drying the ends. I will use a paddle brush as I'm doing it do keep it smooth! 


My hair isn't very long just a little past my shoulder so with this look I am safe to use a curling iron anywhere between 1" to 1 1/4 inch. If your hair is shorter than mine I would use 3/4" to 1". If longer than mine use 1 1/4" to 2". 
1. I used a 1 1/4 on my hair because I wanted it really loose. Start with about a 1" section. 
2. Start in the middle of the strand and keep the curling iron moving. Curling all your hair away from your face. 
3. The curl won't look super pretty at first but that's ok just leave it alone :) 
4. Repeat the same thing on the other side 
5. Take a triangle section in the front and clip it out of the way. 
6. Finish curling the sides how you curled the previous two sections. When you get to the top you will hold the curling iron horizontal and the hair straight up. Start in the middle of the strand. Keep moving the curling iron holding onto the end of the strand so that you can keep it in place.
7. Continue step 6 to the top and to the front section. 
8. Once all the hair is curled it's time to mess it up! Go side to side and upside down lightly running your fingers through it. Then find your part again
9. Next I use a serum. My favorite one is from Kerastase called elixir! It's a pot of gold seriously! But any professional serum is good. Put about a dime size amount on your palms and finger tips and rub your hands together. Lightly run the serum through the curls smoothing everything down. You can also lightly run serum through the top to relax and fly always. 
10. Last hold the hair out and give it a good spray to help it stay full! 

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