Monday, June 16, 2014

You are more beautiful than you think...

What is beauty? When we say someone is beautiful, what defines beautiful? Is it the way they look, or is it their heart? Having a beauty blog clearly, I believe in beauty. I believe in makeup, I believe in beautiful hair styles, beautiful colors and cuts, amazing wardrobes, and basically just pampering yourself. However, is that what really makes someone beautiful? In some ways, yes. Doing all of these can boost a woman's confidence to the point that she is literally radiating her beauty. 
How do we as women get to the point where WE radiate our beauty? Why are we so hard on ourselves, but can see the beauty in everyone else? 

Today my blog post is based off of the dove real beauty sketch on there is a link to the video below.

Watching the video my eyes truly filled up with tears thinking of myself and thinking about how hurtful my own thoughts about myself can be. The video speaks for itself and PROVES just how critical we can be. 

Having a beauty blog I not only want to promote physical beauty, but I want to promote CONFIDENCE, and INNER BEAUTY. We control so much of what our minds believe! So it's time not only to believe we are beautiful but to know it and find what makes you beautiful! 
Be confident, love yourself, believe in everything you are! Then and only then will we start to see how beautiful we really are. Just as the video said, you ARE more beautiful than you think. 

I challenge everyone to watch this video and work towards loving yourself, work towards seeing the things that make you beautiful. 


  1. This is so true! You're amazing bre :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this Breanne! It is so true, and something I think every woman (and a lot of men, too!) need to hear.