Monday, May 19, 2014

Curling with a Flat Iron 101

This is something that I can't wait to show when I do video tutorials because it honestly is so much easier explained by seeing it rather than reading it. So I'm just going to give some tips for now. 

*Make sure you have a good flat iron! One that has curved blades will curl better. My favorites are GHD, Centrix, or Babyliss

*Curling with a flat iron is all about movement. It is not like a curling iron and you don't want to hold it in one spot for too long. 

*As you can see I start with about a one inch section of hair. Starting in the middle of the section I start to roll my flat iron away from my face, I continue holding onto the end of the strand so that I can guide where I want it to go. Once again it's all about the movement so just keep moving, you have no reason to stop! 

*It is important to not hold the flat iron with too much tension. Be soft and let your hair flow through the blades. If you hold it too tight you will start to see creases and you will not be able to keep moving! 

*Try not to use any products that will make your hair sticky or tacky until after you have finished curling it. Anything like that will only make it harder to curl. 

*Last but not least KEEP PRACTICING! This is a motion that for some people can be so awkward to control but once you get it, it will be so easy! I promise!! 

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