Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Emma Watson Chignon Inspiration

How classy is Emma, right?! I wanted to show how simple such a classy look can be! 

1. First start by taking your side sections and clipping them aside. We will get to them later. 
2. Create a low pony tail using a clear elastic. 
3. Next you will create a topsy tail. (Refer to my topsy tail tutorial if you don't know how) 
4. Bat comb your pony tail as big as you want your chignon to be. 
5. Start at the ends of your hair and roll into a tight loop. Pin the inside of the loop on each side so it is secure. 
6. Once it is securely pinned you can pull on it and make it the size and shape you want it to be.
7. Next I let go of my left front section. Wrapping it softly around the chignon and pinning underneath. Repeat on right side. 

Ta da! Super simple and similar to a tutorial in my hair in a hurry post but this can be made so classy and I love it! 

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