Monday, May 26, 2014

Half Up, How to

Here are some quick styles that are insanely easy for days you want something besides just down, but you don't want to pull it all up! 

I like to do half up styles on curly hair. Make sure not to make your curls too tight though when doing a half up style. Stick with something like more of a wave to prevent the style from looking too juvenile. 

1. Section your sides out from Judd behind your ear. Clip your back aside if it's easier! 
2. Starting with the left side braid with just a normal braid. 
3. Pull on the braid to make it bigger. 
4.Wrap the braid to the opposite and pin into place. 
5. Next step you can either just braid the other side and follow the above steps or you can do what I did and start a French braid on the "heavy side" of your part. 
6. Pull on the braid to make it bigger 
7. Wrap it around to the left side. Tuck the braid behind the first braid you made. 

1. Start out by teasing the crown 
2. Pull all of your hair into a half pony tail
3. Give the entire section one big twist. It will create a "roll". 
4. Secure it by placing the bobby pins upward into the twist. Use as many as you need to hold your hair. 
5. Take the end of a weaving comb or a rat tail comb! Slide the end of the comb in and pull up to create volume and get the shape you are wanting. 
6. Hold up the hair and spray, after this step don't run your fingers or a brush through it. This hairstyle looks great with a lot of texture. 

1. Start by pulling your hair half up into a normal braid. 
2. Pull on the braid to make it bigger.
3. Create a bun by wrapping it around and pinning it underneath. Secure it with pins wherever you need.
4. Once it's secure pull on the bun softly to make it bigger and to give it texture. 

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