Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bangs for days!!

As I wait for all the equipment and software I need to do tutorials it will just be pictures from my wonderful iPhone! Not as professional as I want but I don't want to leave you guys hanging for too long!! 

We all have those days that our bangs 
aren't cooperating so here are some fun ways to give them pizazz!! From top row left to right! 

1.Rope braid. 
2.Flower bun braid. 
3.Waterfall bang braid 
4.Dutch (or as I call it) inside out braid 
5.The bump.
What is your favorite!? Let me know!! 

If you can braid, you CAN French braid!! I promise! Remember when your mom taught you that practice makes perfect? Couldn't be more true with the French braid, don't give up!! 
1.The first thing you're going to do it take about a two to three inch section (if you're wanting to braid your bangs) 
2. Next you are going to divide it into three even sections
3. You are going to cross the outside piece over the middle piece, then stop! 
4. You're going to do the same thing on this step just cross the other side over the middle piece. Just like a normal braid! 
5. This is where people get lost but don't! The only difference now is you are going to add hair to the outside piece before you cross! 
6. Repeat to other side 
7. Continue alternating sides, picking up hair and adding it to the strand before you cross.
8. Once you get to the point where you can't add hair just finish off the ends with a normal braid. 

This is so so easy! The hardest part is hiding the bobby pins! I promise! 

1. Take a triangle section. Mine is about 4 inches wide. 
2. Braid down the strand. 
3. Pull on the sides of the braid to make the braid bigger. (Refer to picture 4) 
5.Create a loose circle with the ends of the braid pointing towards your face. 
6. Wrap the ends all the way around, creating a full circle. Hold onto the bottom of the flower and pin the top. Once the top is secure add bobby pins where they are needed. 
*if you have longer bangs then me only braid half way down the strand, it will make your life easier* 

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