Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hair in a Hurry

We all have those days when we are just in a HURRY! We don't have tons on time to spend fiddling with our hair! These are four of my favorite ways to make my hair look like I put in the effort without all the work! 


Half up Topsy Tail
1. I started on wavy hair, but you can do straight or more curly with this style and it will look just as good! 
2. First you are going to make a loose half pony tail and secure it with a clear elastic
3. Next you are going to create an opening to pull the pony tail through. 
4. Pull the pony tail through the opening.
5. Next I grab a piece of hair underneath the topsy tail to wrap around the clear elastic.
6. Wrap it once and pin underneath so the bobby pin doesn't show! 
This is sooooo easy! And looks like you put in the effort! Love it! 

Messy bun with braids
1. Start off by creating a messy bun or any kind of bun really but only taking the top half of your hair! 
2. With the bottom half you are going to split it into two even sections
3. Braid each section
4. Pull on the sides of the braids to make them bigger. 
5. I take the left side first wrap it around the bun and pin underneath. Angle your bobby pins towards the bun that way they will be hidden! 
6. Repeat on right side
7. Easy as that!! Now you have a bun with some flair! 

1 comment:

  1. Looks great Breanne. I can't wait for my hair to grow out so I can try some of these. Let's face it I'm pretty much always in a hurry :)