Monday, June 16, 2014

Super Fun Low Ponytail

This is probably the easiest ponytail ever and the best part about it is that it looks like you spent quite some time creating it! Don't you love that! 

1. So first you are going to grab the crown section of your hair. Make a half twist. 
2. Pin the section by securing it with bobby pins.
3. Next grab a two inch section and cross it over the twist. make sure you hide the pin and the partings from the first section. Secure with pins.
4. Repeat to the other side. 
5. Next go to the other side and grab the remaining hair on your sides. 
6. Braid the section and pull to make bigger 
7. Repeat to the other side. 
8. I don't have a picture for this step, I'm not sure how I missed it but cross the left section over to the right. Secure with pins. 
8. Repeat on right side. 
9. Braid the hang over from the last section that you pinned. 
10. Wrap in around the pony tail and secure with pins.

The best part about this style is that you can be so creative with it! You can do more braids with your sections or you can leave out the braids completely! Have fun with it!!  

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