Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Product Talk

So basically i'm all over the place with product because I love SO many and I think that there are good products in every professional line! So really any line that I mention I pretty much love most of their products! So while looking keep in mind these are just my favorite! You just have to find the right one for YOU! Almost all of these products are sold at Salon Pure where I work, aside from any Kerastase product that I mention! Those can be bought at Always remember to buy from a professional rather then buying it from a store. Even if you can by the products I mention at a store don't do it! They can't guarantee it like professionals can! It also helps with our education at salons and can really help your stylist out! 

Let's talk Shampoo and Conditioner first.

If you have dry hair, hair with a lot of static, or your hair is just crying out for moisture then anything hydrating is what you need! My favorites are Hydrate by Pureology  and Matrix Hydrating

Next if you are having a hard time with dry, brittle, and hair that is breaking and leaving you with split ends Strength Cure by Pureology is thee BEST! It is new and I have absolutely loved it! I also love It's a 10 deep conditioner for these problems as well!

For volume I love Amplify from Matrix or Body Full by Redken. Both still give moisture but are light enough to not weigh your hair down!

If you have curls and want them calmed or just to help control the frizz Hydrate is another great option for this category as well! I also love Real Control by Redken for this category, plus it smells amazing!

Next lets talk styling products! It is sooo important to use a heat protect-ant before applying any heat to your hair. Some of my favorites are Anti Split Blow Dry Cream by Pureology, Nectar Thermique by Kerastase, and Super Smooth by Pureology. It's a 10 is also a great leave in that helps to condition your hair and protect from the heat as well. 
All of these products are applied to towel dried hair and distributed evenly throughout. With products like these remember that less is more! You don't need to use a lot of the product if you are using these professional brands!

If you want styling for volume or to give your hair a little texture these are just a small few of my favorites! Small talk from bed head is a huge hit, it's affordable, smells great and gives your hair that perfect amount of volume. Guts by Redken is another one of my absolute favorites, it is a root lifter. On damp hair spray guts onto the base of your hair all over your crown and rub in with your finger tips! Gives great volume. Last is Silk Bodifying Mouuse by Pureology I love this Mouuse it has medium control and does exactly what the name says it does! Apply the Mouuse from base to ends on towel dried hair watch it give you body but keep your hair silky smooth, it's amazing! 


Here is probably my favorite styling products! Most people stay away from serums and oils because they are afraid of feeling "greesy"! I can assure you these if used properly can change your mind set on them forever! My absolute favorite serum is Elixir Ultime by Kerastase. It isn't cheap, but I'm telling you it is a bottle of gold! You can apply serum to towel dried or dry hair, focus mainly on the mid strands and ends of your hair. If you get too close to the base that's when you will get that greesy feeling nobody wants! 
I do also like the Exquiste Oil from matrix that is a less expensive alternative to the Elixir. Last is It's a 10 miracle shine spray, it can be used on towel dried or dry hair as well and can also be used as a heat protectant. 

I'm definitely all over the place with hairspray but these are two of my favorites! If you want your hair to stay in place all day without movement Masterpiece by Bedhead is the hairspray for you! Not to mention it smells incredible! However, if you're like me and you don't like as strong of a hold Kenra hairspray is amazing! You will still get a really strong hold but it can be more moveable the less you use! So if you don't like it super stiff remember the less is more rule! That's pretty true with any hairspray though, right?! :) 

Outplay for men is my go to! I love it and I think it's great for almost any men's hair! Last is the manipulator that can be used for men's hair if they like it a little more defined! Also a great product for those darling pixie cuts!! 

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